Closing Prices

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2021 Pricing:

  • Full Closing Solid Safety Cover: $400

  • Full Closing Mesh Safety Cover: $425

  • Full Closing Solid Cover w/ Water Tubes: $445

  • Partial Closing Solid Cover: $310

  • Partial Closing Mesh Cover: $335

  • There is an additional $30 Charge for each water feature on your pool that needs to be winterized. (Spas, heaters, caretaker systems, slides, fountains, waterfalls, etc.)

  • There is an additional charge of $75 to install second cover.

  • If you are having us put a solid w/ tubes over a safety cover you will be charged $445 plus $75 for the second cover.

  • There is an additional charge of $35 for pools that use additional padding not built into cover.

  • Full Closing Above Ground: $340

  • Partial Closing Above Ground: $285

  • Blow Lines Only: $150 plus $30 per Water Feature

  • Clean Filter Only: $125

  • Install Cover Only Safety Cover: $140

  • Install Cover Only Solid w/ Water Tubes: $200

Full closing includes:

  • Blowing out lines and adding antifreeze

  • Winterization of pool equipment

  • Installing Cover

  • Adding winter chemicals appropriate for your pool

  • Removing accessories (ladders, railings, etc.)

  • Cleaning and checking over filter

Partial closing includes:

  • Everything that comes with a full closing with the exception of installing the cover.

All pricing listed is for residential pools. Commercial pools please call for pricing.

*There may be additional charges for pools that have non-standard features that make the closing more complicated.