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Closing Instructions

Closing To-Do List:

Thank you for booking your closing with Aqua Sun! In order to ensure a successful closing, please read the following instructions carefully.

PRIOR to your scheduled service date, please make sure to:

  • Turn on the electricity

  • Lower the pool water levels

  • Make sure your garden hose is available and turn on your water source

  • Leave pool cover, water tubes, plugs, and other equipment out by the pool and readily available, (NOT in the shed) - **if items are not available, we will supply new ones for an additional charge**

  • Make sure your filter area is clear and free of overgrown weeds, bee hives, etc.

  • Unlock your gates and make sure your dogs inside

We highly encourage you to follow these closing instructions carefully. If items on this list are left incomplete, closings will be completed to the best of our ability, which may result in return visits and additional charges.

Example: If the electricity is not on → we can't use any of the equipment we need to properly winterize your pool.


Full Closings INCLUDE:

  • Blow lines and adding antifreeze

  • Winterizing pool equipment

  • Installing cover and winter plugs

  • Adding winter chemicals appropriate for your pool

  • Removing accessories (ladders, railings, etc.)

  • Cleaning & inspecting filter

  • Installing cover

We Are Not Responsible For:

  • We are not responsible for the breakage of any worn or damaged parts or equipment.

  • We are not responsible for cleaning the pool, balancing water, removing toys, etc. prior to closing.

Please be aware that we are now requiring PRE-PAYMENT for any/all pool services. Make sure you have paid for your closing to avoid having appointment rescheduled or cancelled.

Refer to our price list for costs of additional services that you may want added to your closing.

Thank you for choosing Aqua Sun! ☀️

We appreciate your business and look forward to helping you enjoy your pool this summer!

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