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Opening Instructions

Opening To-Do List:

In order to ensure a smooth and successful opening, we kindly ask that you prepare your pool for our arrival.

PRIOR to your scheduled service date, please make sure to:

  • Raise water level to middle of skimmer – **if level is not up we cannot start your system

    • If you scheduled a vacuum with your opening, please raise the water slightly ABOVE skimmer

  • Place all items that were stored for the winter out by the pool (baskets, ladders, railings, etc.)

  • Turn on water and electric

  • Leave gates unlocked and pets inside

  • If necessary, pump off cover and remove excessive leaves – **there is a $60 charge per ½ hour if we have to pump off and clean away debris

  • Be sure filter area is accessible and free of overgrown weeds and insects

  • Remove or unplug step pump ahead of time, if you have one

  • IF scheduled for a partial opening, make sure to remove cover

We highly encourage you to follow these opening instructions carefully. If items on this list are left incomplete, openings will be completed to the best of our ability, which may result in return visits and additional charges.

Example: If water level is not high enough → we will do everything else so you can add water and start your system. Pools with a bottom drain may be left running on bottom only.

If you have scheduled us to do your first vacuuming, please be sure to add a few extra inches of water. We will bring our own pump and vacuum system and vacuum to waste so the debris will not go onto your filter system, but the pool will lose some water. Please be aware that your pool may not be completely clean after we vacuum. We attempt to remove the bulk of the worms, leaves, and larger debris. As part of this service, we will also brush the sides and the bottom of the pool for you, which will make it cloudy. Running the filter and tending to the filter pressure will help the water clear more quickly. This service includes up to 1 hour of cleaning. If your pool is very dirty, we will add shock and algaecide and you can schedule a return visit. Please note: If you have a vinyl liner that has been patched or the liner is old or worn, we cannot be responsible for damage that may occur due to normal vacuuming and brushing. Please forewarn us of any concerns.


Full Openings INCLUDE:

  • Removing pool cover

  • Cleaning and folding pool cover (placing in bag if provided) – cover to be left poolside

  • Removing winter plugs

  • Replacing accessories (ladders, railings, etc)

  • Starting filter (includes initial dose of D.E.)

  • Light leaf skimming

  • Adding initial dose of shock

  • Emptying and scrubbing water tubes

  • 3 lbs of shock

We are not responsible for breakage of any worn or damaged parts or equipment.


  • Pumping off cover

  • Vacuum with opening

  • Any repairs or new equipment necessary to open your pool

  • Additional chemicals such as shock or algaecide

  • Return visits

Refer to our price list for costs of additional services that you may want added to your opening.

Please be aware that we are now requiring PRE-PAYMENT for any/all pool services. Make sure you have paid for your opening to avoid having appointment rescheduled or cancelled.

Thank you for choosing Aqua Sun! ☀️

We appreciate your business and look forward to helping you enjoy your pool this summer!

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