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Weekly Service Letter

Dear Weekly Service Customer,

Your weekly/bi-weekly maintenance visit includes up to one hour of service.  If your pool requires more extensive cleaning, you will be charged an extended service fee of $50 per half hour.  If you prefer that we not provide extra cleaning please let us know and we will limit your service to one hour, doing the best we can in that time.

As part of your weekly service, we provide free water testing and balancing of the pool chemistry. The chemicals to balance your water are included in the price.  These include Ph Increaser, Alkalinity Increaser and Calcium Hardness.  We will test your water and make necessary adjustments on your next visit. 

The cost of Chlorine tablets are not included.  If your pool needs them, we will keep a bucket of them at your house and  bring a new bucket when it is getting low. We use 99% trichlor tablets that do not contain copper or zinc and the cost is $169.95 for 25 pounds.

We will shock the pool as needed using a high quality dichlor shock and you will be charged $8.95 per pound which is a $1 per pound savings over the store price.


The service techs will also use other specialty chemicals as needed for your pool such as algaecides, stain removers, phosphate removers and sequestrants. The cost of these products will be billed to you. If you prefer not to have us add them please let us know.


In an effort to simplify and reduce our cost of billing we are asking all customers to provide a credit card to be kept on file.  You may choose to have us bill to your card monthly.  If you prefer to pay with a check or cash we will only use the credit card information if a bill becomes late.  This will also save you any late fees that may otherwise apply.

Thank you for your help and cooperation. Please call us with any concerns or comments.  We want to help you enjoy your pool!

           - The Aqua Sun Team

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